The Mumzels zijn gecreëerd door : Bram Honcoop



I spent years catching them, no one knew they existed, the Strange noises you hear at night were blamed on other animals or things. I didn’t believe that, my father used to say when I was little that it was the Mumzels who make strange noises at night and who took my toys that I sometimes lost for months. I always found the toys in a different place and I thought that was very strange which made me believe my father that they are the Mumzels. I went exploring and ended up in the world of the Mumzels and discovered more and more Mumzels on my journey in the beginning I wanted to catch them and wrote the story in a book (2012) now I draw them in NFT and let them in their natural environment. 



Mumzel Bearish no 45 Lvl 2

sometimes you think you have the jar of honey, but it turns out that you are not fast enough and you end up losing the honey because the brown bear grabs you and runs off with your honey . if Mumzel Bearish wants new honey he will have to get it back into the bee's nest at the risk of losing his honey again.


Rarity level 2 has 50 copies.

Mumzel Witch Doctor Mirlan Lvl 4

mumzels sometimes get sick just like humans. that's why there are witch doctor Mumzels. they can use plants and animal juices (such as the poison of these frogs) to make various potions that help mumzels, animals, people or other creatures get well when they are sick. only Mirlan tries to catch the Frogs first before taking the poison off the frog. will he succeed?

Daims the Wizard no.26

Daims the Wizard has so much wisdom that he can write a book full of magic, he also knows that together with you he can complete 3 books full of wisdom and magic. but he realizes only too well that what you don't know together fills a whole library of wisdom.


Rarity Level 3 has 25 copies.

Mumzel Drup no.24 lvl 4

in some places it is better not to fall asleep. Drup is sometimes so silly when she's tired that even a tiger seems like a nice soft pillow.


Rarity level 4 has 5 copies.

Duke John the Fearless no.27 Lvl 4

Duke John the Fearless is not afraid of his enemies and always defeats them. he is only slightly homesick and sees his ship leave without him.


Rarity Level 4 has 5 copies.

Aywen the forest Mumzel no.48 lvl 2

Aywen is a forest Mumzel and builds her nests on the ground of branches and moss. animals such as frogs and hedgehogs and sometimes a lost squirrel or mouse . often take shelter in the Mumzel nests when the weather is bad . Aywen then gives them warmth , food and makes it a pleasant day.


Rarity Level 2 has 50 copies

Mumzel Rubi no.22 lvl 4

Ruby and her Serval are the best hunters in the Mumzel world, using servals radar ears to hear their prey from afar.


Rarity level 4 has 5 copies.